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At FAdezigns we undertake social media planning and management by creating branded content for your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin pages or any other channel you wish.

More specifically, we will undertake the creation and design of branded content such as static and animated posts, stories, videos, competition analysis at Social Media level, the selection of the appropriate Social Media Mix, the content strategy as well as the Digital advertising strategy for the promotion of the services and the building of Brand Authority in the audience - the goal we will define. *Google ads campaigns is provided upon consultation.




Managing your social media business accounts can be a full time job that you cannot afford. The internet has changed the way we do business in today’s world. No matter what type of business you are having a social media strategy and branded content is the key to success.



To stay competitive nowadays it is essential to have an active and dynamic social media presence. Social media is more than a hobby, it is the heart of your business and through it you can build a strong brand and position yourself in the market. It is the best way to build trust with your audience, launch new products and offers when needed.

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At FAdezigns, we provide custom packages of design & management of social media,
according to the needs of your business,  considering all factors. We know what it takes to design a successful, competitive post which always receives high quality engagement

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Our team consists of experienced professionals and will ensure that your content is unique, eye-catching, conveys a clear and consistent message and is 100% authentic. No post goes public without first being reviewed by all members and getting your approval first.

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